6th Wisconsin Co. K Iron Brigade

"Those Damned Black Hats!"



Membership in Company K is open to individuals eighteen (18) years of age and older who are able to portray a soldier of the American Civil War period. Minors between the ages of sixteen (16) and eighteen (18) years may be enrolled only with parental permission. No one under the age of sixteen (16) years may carry a rifle in the ranks. Minors between the ages of thirteen (13) and sixteen (16) years may be enrolled as a musician if their parent is an active member of the company and they are able to play the drum or fife. No one under the age of thirteen (13) years may take the field.

Application to join Company K may be made in writing or in person. All new members are expected to outfit themselves in the proper uniform and equipment as adopted by the company. In order to maintain active status, members are expected to attend at least one event per quarter or three events per year. Those who do not attend the minimum number of events will be placed on inactive status and be ineligible to vote in company business. Company K is an active reenactment group and participation is necessary to achieve our goals of excellence.

Company K is a military company, therefore all members portray soldiers. As soldiers, members are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with period Army Regulations and rules of order.

We have no civilian members. Member's families are welcome to portray the families of soldiers in camp, but period dress and etiquette are required at all times. Members are completely responsible for the conduct and behavior of their families.

The company treasurer maintains a Member Account for each member in order to pay for event registration. Deposits in the account allow for timely unit registration at the most reasonable rates. Members who fail to maintain a balance in their account are not pre-registered for events and pay a higher fee for registration.

Most members of Company K are from New Jersey and Pennsylvania, although some are from Maryland and Wisconsin. There are no geographical limitations on membership, but participation in sanctioned events is necessary to maintain active membership status.

Those interested in joining Company K are encouraged to come out and visit us at an event, a drill or at one of our scheduled meeting.